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Let me tell you a story

It was a small village. And even if the girl wasn’t tall herself, she always failed to see her surroundings as particularly big. Her world back then was simple:
– Lavender fields. A place that smelled good but where wasps bit your butt cheeks once in a while.
– The book alley in her mother’s supermarket. A place where she made her world bigger with stories, but the floor wasn’t too comfortable.
– Her best friend’s house. Where at the age of twelve they discovered Equideow and would spend most of their time raising fictional horses.
The girl’s world changed since then. The lavender fields are gone, she replaced them with tulips instead. Her mom still works at the store but she barely sees her anymore, because of the distance. And her best friend… She doesn’t know what happened between them. The girl just decided that it’s complicated.

I wanted to tell you this story because it explains who I am, and why I do things a certain way. I am someone who likes to explore new things but will always have my roots deep in the soil of a Provence lavender field. I am moved and inspired by human behaviour and relations, because I know how changeable and fragile they are. And if there is something I am well aware of, it’s the power stories can have on one’s life. How it can turn your world from a small bubble to an entire ocean… of bubbles.


Creative traineeship at DEPT agency / Amsterdam
Script-writing degree at the International institute of Image and Sound / Paris
English literature bachelor at Aix-Marseille university


Creative at DEPT agency
Publishing assistant at Wakanim (Crunchyroll)
Projectionist assistant at Ecocine Verdon
Beta reader at Plumavitae


Best script 2020 / 3IS awards