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Estelle gassier

So, you want to get to know me?

To make it brief – no worries, if you are this obsessed with me you can scroll – I am a French lady living in the Netherlands. I swapped the lavenders of Provence for the lovely tulip fields here, and I regret nothing. I write, that’s my thing. Started with a book obsession that turned into studying script-writing to actually write for a TV show and now touching copywriting.

Things I like

There is a great chance, if I am not at work, that you’ll find me reading a book somewhere. I am one of those people who didn’t get traumatised reading Madame Bovary in high school, and made reading my whole personality. Outside of books I also enjoy video games, crochet things and baking – that’s my little french spice.

I also have some very particular interests, such as the Arthurian legends, cool cars, traveling on the back of my partner’s motorcycle, and working out.

I am basically never bored.

My work

When my teenage self heard the saying avoir plusieurs cordes a son arc (= to have multiple strings on one’s bow) the Hunger Games fan in me thought it would be the perfect way to become my own version of Katniss Everdeen.

It wasn’t. Don’t ask me to shoot with a bow. But I did collect a lot of strings though. Started with novellas and fanfictions, alone in my room, to starting script-writing studies in Paris. Finally, I got out of those with a degree and no clue what to do next. So, I tried TV series and children animation, and I loved it – love it still. Now, I am currently working on a novel, on a video game as a narrative designer and as a copywriter at DEPT agency!

My writing style

A true story

I like real stuff. And I like when fiction gets tangled in real stuff. I like snappy, progressive ideas that will catch your attention and make you wonder what you just read. I like to touch your feelings, make you cry and laugh, or just make you happy. But I also like fantasy, love to bring some dream and wonder in everyday life.