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Ride your next untamed spirit

Brief: Create a creative concept for the all new Lapierre eZesty based on the consumer value proposition. It is important that there is a correct balance between the emotional and practical layer.

Insight: Mountain bikers experience and see things that, normally, only wild animals do. They can go as fast as they can down a hill, between trees and above rocks like wolves. And they can witness sights from incredible heights, like eagles.

Go further. 
And when you reach your goal, go beyond. 
Go up this mountain, and the next. 
Take in the view, take in a breath.
Silence your thoughts, let nature in. 
Go further, to the next mountain. 
Challenge it. Challenge yourself. Challenge the one that comes after. 
Bend it, embrace it, admire it.
Feel light, feel like a bird, fly like an eagle. Alert, free, precise. Plunge like hunting for your next prey.
The dirt on your wheel, on your legs. Like the legs of a wolf. Leave your trace. Follow your trail. 
Be the wolf. Inexhaustible.

This campaign, more than highlighting the beauty and diversity of landscape mountain bikers experience, goes beyond its look. By using the wolf, an animal not only fast but also extremely agile, we highlight the dexterity and speed of the bikes themselves. If you look at a wolf closely, you will see their muscles. Their angles. The beauty of their limbs. And if you look closely at an eZesty, and its biker, you will see the same thing. It is in this exact spirit that we choose the eagle as second symbol, since it’s light and graceful, and knows how to take a flight.

By comparing the bike and its rider to the most gracious and strongest creatures of the wild, we invite riders to give the new eZesty a try and ride their next untamed spirits.